Someone tell me, please. Why must boredom even be a thing?


Welcome, my dear me!

I do hope that life in the future is interesting and fulfilling.  I am so glad to be able to communicate with you in this way!  Not many people have the chance to communicate with another iteration of themselves, so consider yourself special!

This, of course, is my first post.

My sincerest hope is that every time you look at this post, you will have ever more and more good memories and experiences separating you from me.  I also hope you are writing those things down so that yet another you from even farther down the line will be able to read and relive the experiences.

Who knows?  Maybe someone else might even pick up on our story and get some sort of kick out of it.

In any case, be happy and live life to a T, haha. Corny, eh?  You love it.  You know it.

Bye for now!