Sticky Notes

Image from wonderopolis.org.

Ahh, sticky notes! (Image from wonderopolis.org)

Ah, sticky notes.  What a marvelous invention, no?  They are so convenient for leaving messages and reminders to yourself – or indeed to others – around the house or office.  A little thing like, “Take the doc.s to Frederickson”, or, “Remember to check the car’s oil level!”  So handy.

However, there is an interesting phenomenon which goes on in that people, seeing these colorful little outcries, completely disregard what is written on htem or simply remove them from location without remembering the reminder which was written down for them to do.

Why is this?  Should Sticky notes be made stickier, thus making it more difficult to remove without reading? No, that wouldn’t be a good solution.  Rather gooey, wouldn’t it be?  Maybe Sticky notes should incorporate a sound component.  No, that’d be ridiculous.

I guess the best thing to do, then, would just be to be more aware of one’s surroundings.  That doesn’t sound to dificult, now, does it?

Ah well, such is life.  At times one finds it necessary to interact with other individuals.

In any case, sticky notes are fun to have around, be they useful or not.

Bye for now!