Who am I?

I’m just me, I suppose.  I don’t really know a better way to put it, really.  I have never really been much for prolonged dedicated contact with the internet in such an intimate way as a blog, but there you go.  We all do some unexpected things every once in a while, don’t we?

More to the point, though, I would say – or, rather, write (isn’t this form of communication such a rascal to think in?) – that I was a 2700 year-old life-form called a Milanthros and that my people hailed from the planet Elteros.  Well, I would write that, but, you see, the problem is that I’m not one of those and the Milanthorn people come from Eleros, anyway.

Really, though, I’m just your average, everyday, extraordinarily fun and entertaining person to be around.  Yes, I would say that over these 21 years of my life that I have cultivated a wit and sense of humor to contend with even the greatest of our world’s comedians and wordsmiths.  Modesty aside, I’d also say that I am a student of de languiges, as I like to write them.  It’s of the utmost joy for me to learn more and more of another people’s language and customs – I suppose I’m a sort of parasite that way.  At the moment I know French, English, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese to varying degress – being fluent in four of those (try to guess which).

Oh what fun it is to write about oneself!

I am an online ESL teacher and loving it, and hope to take the skills I’ve learned from that experience and use it to teach abroad after taking some certification courses.

Should I go on?

No, I think that’s enough.  Yes, I think so.  Well then, have the most beauteous and, if I may say, glorious of romps through my posts and if you like what you see, then that’s excellent!

If you really need to know more about me, I’m sure that’ll come up in some way or another in my posts.

In the words of the great and mighty Tigger,




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