Someone tell me, please. Why must boredom even be a thing?


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  1. Boredom is the biggest of challenges, because most of us don’t even realise that it is a challenge. Horses die if they’re bored. As humans, most of us don’t need to fight to survive, so we have a lot of energy wasted. Boredom is there to make us do things. If you spend enough time bored, eventually you’ll get sick of it and start doing things. It is the motivator of our lives; we must do things to stop being bored, because boredom leads to depression, and depression leads to death. Boredom is our last predator.

  2. This is very well said. I can agree with you in that boredom can be a great motivator, and I do suspect that many a great invention might have had its start as a combatant to boredom before it became anything else. I was watching a video on YouTube, though, that was very interesting and which covers different kinds of boredom. Here it is:

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